Special Thanks

Thank you to all of the awesome fans who have supported, and continue to support, our ongoing Patreon campaign. It means a lot that we've been able to raise so much money to fund what we do, and it's really shown us how much this show means to our audience.

So, per our patron rewards -- hello, $1+ backers! -- here's the giant list of everyone who has made this possible. Please note that this list will be updated monthly (the last update was on January 27, 2019), and it will reflect the patrons whose pledges were collected during the most recent full funding period, per Patreon (the cutoff is the 1st of each month). In other words, if your pledge went through for the month, and you don't see your name on the list, it will definitely show up next month. We've listed our patrons' names exactly as they are displayed to us on Patreon, so if you would like it to look different, please change how it is displayed on your Patreon account!

(If you're looking for our Kickstarter backer list from 2011, we've moved it onto its own page, because the HTML file was actually too big with both lists on the same page. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!)

Extra-special thanks to our $100+ executive backers. You guys are our biggest funders, so you get listed here first!

And, here are the rest of you. We love you all! Thank you so much for your support, everyone! We had to split these pages up, because there are SO MANY OF YOU, and the full list is too big for one file! AWESOME!!