A Trip to the Moon Commentary

By Hand Turkey LLC


We're trying something a bit different this time, just to give everyone an extended taste of what you're in for when you check out the rest of our movie commentaries. Comedic semi-geniuses Scott Bromley and Max Scoville have created an official unofficial commentary for the classic (and royalty-free!) 1902 silent film A Trip to the Moon. It's absolutely free to watch on the Comedy Button's YouTube channel, with our audio running right on top of the film. Heck, you can just click on the video below, and start watching it in about two seconds! DO IT!

Again: Don't actually add this to your cart or purchase it, because there's nothing to purchase! Or, well, perhaps you could add it to your cart and purchase, if you just want to secretly feel really good about buying something for free... but all you have to do is press play on the video below, hit the fullscreen button, and enjoy!

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