TCB After-Hours: Vol. 3

By Hand Turkey LLC


We leave a little bit of podcast material on the cutting room floor each week, but now you can hear everything we don't put in our show. It's The Comedy Button After-Hours, baby!

This pack contains a total of 31 audio files (MP3 format), covering the extra bits from The Comedy Button: Episodes 71 through 102. As with our first two After-Hours packs, that's just over two hours of bonus content, so it's kinda like having two extra episodes! Granted, it's not quite as on-topic as a usual show (since, hey, who knows what we're rambling about in each clip!?), but you're probably pretty comfortable with our nonsense by now!

Note: This is the same bonus material that is available through our mobile app. This pack is (mostly) for everyone who hasn't heard it yet! ALSO, please order all digital items separately from physical items -- our system is better at calculating correct shipping costs when you do that!